Want to be one among us?

An individual is eligible for membership in the Overseas Resident Malayalees Association Inc (ORMA):

If she/he Is a person of ‘Kerala Culture (a Malayalee) by birth or by descent or by procedure or by naturalization or by lifestyle.

And possesses enthusiasm to achieve, cherish and protect the classic Kerala family values (the finest family values of unadulterated Kerala).

And maintains growth in the areas of good manners, civilization, modern culture, and high-quality citizenship of any peace-loving member states of the United Nations.

And carries passion for philanthropic efforts.

ORMA Global President or Province Presidents or Chapter Presidents are the authorized officers to approve “ORMA Membership Applications” after verifying the eligibility of the applicants in consultation with the related team of office bearers. ORMA Members have to sign an “Oath of ORMA Membership” stating their willingness to maintain the above-mentioned qualities duly counter-signed by the respective President.